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We’ve all read books that we find entrancing. From a dystopia like The Hunger Games, to a romance like Jane Erye, to anything by Stephen King. And in every book, there’s a character that pulls at the heartstrings a little more than the others. These are usually the ones fan’s become obsessed with: continually drawing the fictional person and themselves, talking about how attractive they are (though no picture has been provided), imaging what would happen if they met them. You know, stalker fan girl/fan boy stuff.

I myself am known to be “devoted” to certain characters when a new book in my favorite series comes out.

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When friends have parties, and someone whips out a camera, it is inevitable that pictures will be taken. You group together, arms around each other, and the photographer simply states: “Say cheese!”.

Cheese. CHEESE? Cheese.

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My first blog post. I have always wanted a blog, though I’m not quite sure why. And now that I’m off to college soon, what better way to communicate about things in my life than with a blog? I can describe things better than on Facebook, I have many more words than Twitter, and, honestly, sometimes I just need to rant.

I can’t say what exactly I’ll be posting about. It could range from a “day in the life” posts to me geeking out about a television show/movie/book series, as I am often known to do. I hope to entertain everyone with my antics, as most already find enjoyment from my life as is.

So, that’s about it. Nothing to report, but I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about for my next post. This was just sort of an introduction.

Live long and prosper, as there is much more to come!