*Disclaimer: I recently re-watched the Avengers, and thought that I would geek out here. Also, I haven’t really read the comics, so don’t kill me if I’m wrong about something. Enjoy!

Marvel. DC. Everyone who has ever heard these words knows exactly what they represent. They begin to list off names of powerful beings, human or not. Those who have made a difference in fiction and reality. Heroes who have thousands of people in cosplay at the San Diego Comic Con each year.

But why do these fictionalized beings cause us to completely geek out and make The Avengers the 3rd best selling movie of all time? Well, that’s simple. Because we love them.

However, why we love them is a bit more complex. Sure, they save the world everyday. They usually get the girl. They look great in tights. But there’s more to it.

Handing Power Correctly

Superheroes, at least in this context, have some sort of power or two. Some are born with it, others create it. Some just have the power of being billionaire, genius, Playboy, philanthropist. But they all have it. And they use their incredible power for good. Some may say this is a no brainer, using it this way. But if any of us “common folk” had these powers, would we use it the same way? We all know at least one person, maybe even ourselves, who would get these powers and be completely selfish with them. Show them off, get cocky, and probably end up in trouble or dead because we wouldn’t realize how much power we really have.

But these men and women from much-loved comics manage to realize their strength at some point, what differences they can really make. And that’s when they become superheroes. That’s why we look up to them. Because they manage a sense of selflessness that we worry we couldn’t get with all the power of the world in our hands.

Fighting Their Problems, Literally

Superheroes always fight evil. The actual “I’m going to kill you” evil, and the evil that comes along with some of their powers. The Hulk is a great example. He throws his enemies around like it’s no big deal, but he has to constantly fight to stay in control of himself to stay in the form of Bruce Banner.

We love that these heroes face their demons head-on. They don’t crouch in a corner, or look the other way. They stand in front of them, prepared to take on all their problems. Many of us have heard of the”fight-or-flight” response, which depicts our reactions to danger or trouble. We as humans usually manifest one or the other when facing our demons. But these heroes don’t face this issue because they are more than just human. They’re extraordinary, and we love them because they know how to handle their issues and enemies and stay in control, something we strive to do everyday.

More Than Pretty Face

The superheroes we know and love tend to be attractive. Chiseled faces, huge biceps, etc. But those good looks, in a way, pique our interest. Who is that handsome man/woman? Where can I get one?

Okay, that seems really shallow, but first impressions tend to come from looks. If our superheros looked like hobos all the time, would we be as interested? Probably not. But that’s not the point.

We pay attention when we see something we like. The haunting good looks make the public want to see what they’re doing and become a part of it. If they’re saving the world, the public supports them, and they become our idols and inspiration. They provide hope in civilians in treacherous times. All while looking gorgeous.

Superheroes rock. They are fierce, strong, and protect mankind from terrible evil. Now, we clearly don’t have these superheroes. If we did, things would be much cooler, but probably also more deadly.

But we do have superheroes. There are people that risk their lives everyday for our well being, to let people like me sit here and write this blog without feeling in danger. They are selfless and committed, and they fight some of our demons for us.

However, we have our own everyday problems that we face. There are things that we can do to make our own lives better. We can be superheroes too.

Why do you love heroes? Who’s your favorite? I’m partial to Iron Man myself.

One of my other favorite superheroes, Captain Hammer, has said sang,

“Everyone’s a hero in their own way,
Everyone’s got villains they must face.”

Who knew a web series hero could be so right?