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This week.

What is it about this week?

Is there bad mojo all of a sudden being passed throughout the country? Is it something in the water? And is there some sort of “beyond-our-understanding”, cosmic connection to the horrific events that have happened this week? It seems like something out of fiction. Maybe this is how the apocalypse starts. Maybe this is a sign that something is coming, or that we are entering a dark time. Maybe the Winchesters from Supernatural broke Lucifer out of hell and he’s decided to toy with the country.

Or maybe it’s just the worst week in American history.

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An Ode to a Dear Friend

If the world were different, I would be calling one of my closest friends today and wishing her a Happy 19th Birthday. We would talk about how, naturally, Doctor Who would be on TV on her birthday, and we’d talk about the upcoming movie adaptations of our favorite books. We’d fangirl together and discuss the newest happenings on Tumblr. We’d laugh and smile, together.

However, the world works in its own ways. She passed away on December 21st, and it’s been about 3.5 months since that day. Though it’s been sometime, it’s not something you can get past, and as Ziva David puts it, “You only get through”.

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