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This week.

What is it about this week?

Is there bad mojo all of a sudden being passed throughout the country? Is it something in the water? And is there some sort of “beyond-our-understanding”, cosmic connection to the horrific events that have happened this week? It seems like something out of fiction. Maybe this is how the apocalypse starts. Maybe this is a sign that something is coming, or that we are entering a dark time. Maybe the Winchesters from Supernatural broke Lucifer out of hell and he’s decided to toy with the country.

Or maybe it’s just the worst week in American history.

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I was 6 years old. I was sitting in Mrs. Ikeda’s 2nd grade class. It was business as usual. And then, just like that, we got sent home. The announcement sent us reeling, an entire day off of school! But when I walked outside, it was loud. Really loud. I looked up. Giant black helicopters were flying every which way over the school. That’s when my excitement dissipated. Even at the age of 6, I knew something was wrong. I think my mom picked me up from school, and then I was home. I ran to the television, anticipating a day of relaxation, when I saw it.

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Normally, I wouldn’t blog about serious topics. I try to keep things light hearted and up beat, but I really wanted to write about the shooting at the Dark Knight Rises premiere in Aurora, CO.

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