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First I just want to apologize for not updating. It’s been almost TWO MONTHS!!! School has been very busy, and I like writing posts when I really think there’s something I want to talk about. I pondered this question the other day and, luckily, remembered I had a blog I could record my thoughts about it in. Please don’t hate me, and enjoy the new post!!!

“So, tell me what happened.”

“Well, it’s kind of a long story.”

“Okay, tell me what happened in a nutshell.”

A nutshell.

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I’m just going to say it: I don’t like the dentist. It always smells a little too clean, and drilling sounds from other rooms aren’t very reassuring. I just want to lean back in the chair and get it over with. And the one thing that makes the process go slower is something ALL dentists do.

They talk.

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Born in 1994, I remember growing up in the nineties. I remember all the hype over something called a “new millennium”, the styles that we mimic today at halloween, and of course, the tv shows.

As an avid television watcher today, I know that what’s on Nickelodeon and Disney for kids works. They’re entertained, and parents spend obscene amounts of money purchasing memorabilia for their children. Same as always. But something is missing. On Disney, you basically have to be a performer to get a show. While Nickelodeon is still entertaining,  the shows have gotten too similar in certain ways. Below is a list of reasons why 90’s/Early 00’s Television is better for kids at such an important developmental stage in their lives.

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When friends have parties, and someone whips out a camera, it is inevitable that pictures will be taken. You group together, arms around each other, and the photographer simply states: “Say cheese!”.

Cheese. CHEESE? Cheese.

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