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An Ode to a Dear Friend

If the world were different, I would be calling one of my closest friends today and wishing her a Happy 19th Birthday. We would talk about how, naturally, Doctor Who would be on TV on her birthday, and we’d talk about the upcoming movie adaptations of our favorite books. We’d fangirl together and discuss the newest happenings on Tumblr. We’d laugh and smile, together.

However, the world works in its own ways. She passed away on December 21st, and it’s been about 3.5 months since that day. Though it’s been sometime, it’s not something you can get past, and as Ziva David puts it, “You only get through”.

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*Sorry I’ve been behind on posting, still getting used to the college life! Hope this’ll make up for the wait*

I’ve been at college for a little over a week now. And while many things make it great and wonderful, etc., I’ve noticed there is something missing that can contribute to the easy-to-breath environment and relaxation. There isn’t that strong air of separation between groups, no “one group of friends” sections, no people known on campus as “those girls” or classified into other categories.

There are no cliques. And it rocks.

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Why We Love Superheros

*Disclaimer: I recently re-watched the Avengers, and thought that I would geek out here. Also, I haven’t really read the comics, so don’t kill me if I’m wrong about something. Enjoy!

Marvel. DC. Everyone who has ever heard these words knows exactly what they represent. They begin to list off names of powerful beings, human or not. Those who have made a difference in fiction and reality. Heroes who have thousands of people in cosplay at the San Diego Comic Con each year.

But why do these fictionalized beings cause us to completely geek out and make The Avengers the 3rd best selling movie of all time? Well, that’s simple. Because we love them.

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And so it begins!

My first blog post. I have always wanted a blog, though I’m not quite sure why. And now that I’m off to college soon, what better way to communicate about things in my life than with a blog? I can describe things better than on Facebook, I have many more words than Twitter, and, honestly, sometimes I just need to rant.

I can’t say what exactly I’ll be posting about. It could range from a “day in the life” posts to me geeking out about a television show/movie/book series, as I am often known to do. I hope to entertain everyone with my antics, as most already find enjoyment from my life as is.

So, that’s about it. Nothing to report, but I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about for my next post. This was just sort of an introduction.

Live long and prosper, as there is much more to come!