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*It’s been 5 months since my last post. Oops. Prepare for a very long entry, or just skim if you’d like. I think my writing class on Fandoms has gotten to me, but I suddenly found the inspiration for an entry whilst doing Organic Chemistry homework, and decided I wanted to put this little opinion out to the world. Pass it around. Let it be known. And let me know what you think in the comments.*

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We’ve all read books that we find entrancing. From a dystopia like The Hunger Games, to a romance like Jane Erye, to anything by Stephen King. And in every book, there’s a character that pulls at the heartstrings a little more than the others. These are usually the ones fan’s become obsessed with: continually drawing the fictional person and themselves, talking about how attractive they are (though no picture has been provided), imaging what would happen if they met them. You know, stalker fan girl/fan boy stuff.

I myself am known to be “devoted” to certain characters when a new book in my favorite series comes out.

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