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*Sorry I’ve been behind on posting, still getting used to the college life! Hope this’ll make up for the wait*

I’ve been at college for a little over a week now. And while many things make it great and wonderful, etc., I’ve noticed there is something missing that can contribute to the easy-to-breath environment and relaxation. There isn’t that strong air of separation between groups, no “one group of friends” sections, no people known on campus as “those girls” or classified into other categories.

There are no cliques. And it rocks.

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We’ve all read books that we find entrancing. From a dystopia like The Hunger Games, to a romance like Jane Erye, to anything by Stephen King. And in every book, there’s a character that pulls at the heartstrings a little more than the others. These are usually the ones fan’s become obsessed with: continually drawing the fictional person and themselves, talking about how attractive they are (though no picture has been provided), imaging what would happen if they met them. You know, stalker fan girl/fan boy stuff.

I myself am known to be “devoted” to certain characters when a new book in my favorite series comes out.

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